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Special events and occasions in the cradle of the Reformation

The town of Martin Luther

Wittenberg has long been a destination for visitors from all over the world, not just since the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The ideas and momentum generated by Martin Luther continue to resonate to this day. And memorable events can be held at several authentic venues frequented by Martin Luther and countless other historical figures. Lutherstadt Wittenberg Tourist Information will be delighted to help you plan and carry out your special events.

A pioneering business centre

Lutherstadt Wittenberg is known internationally for its agrochemical park, which is also home to SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH – Germany’s largest producer of ammonia and urea and a manufacturer of agrochemical and industrial chemical products.
Moreover, leading companies in the food and drink industry, mechanical engineering, special-purpose vehicle construction, packaging materials and ceramics are also based here. Arrange your event in this entrepreneurial environment – and seize the opportunity for collaboration and networking.

A centre of learning

The spirit of ages past led to the establishment of beacons of thought in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. From 1502 to 1817, Leucorea university was the foremost educational institution in Europe for budding theologians, lawyers, physicians and civil servants. These days, the academic landscape is enriched under the auspices of Leucorea by prestigious research institutes. With the presence of the Wittenberg Centre for Global Ethics, the Protestant Academy of Saxony-Anhalt, the Protestant Seminary, the Luther Memorials Foundation, the Cranach Foundation, SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz Training Centre and the Futurea Science Center, scholars, scientists, executives, students, theologians and researchers from all over the world have myriad opportunities for networking, collaboration and personal development in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

World-class culture

The cultural treasures of Wittenberg and its wide range of cultural amenities are both impressive and inspiring. Contact Lutherstadt Wittenberg Tourist Information to book guided tours as well as individual cultural programmes for your events here. We can also let you know about how to advertise your company in connection with cultural events in Wittenberg. Raising your profile in this way is bound to benefit your business!

World heritage at every turn

In addition to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in and around Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the town’s location is ideal for excursions to the unique countryside and historical destinations in the region. Lutherstadt Wittenberg Tourist Information can recommend boat trips and guided coach tours to sights such as the famous Bauhaus art school in Dessau or the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, another UNESCO World Heritage Site with its landscaped parks and gardens. We can also put you in touch with German and international institutions and individuals whom you’d like to be involved in your event. Just get in touch with us!

In the heart of Germany, accessible by road, rail, water and air

Set among several prominent institutions and the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve, Lutherstadt Wittenberg has both great transport links and gorgeous countryside on the doorstep.

By bike or boat

The River Elbe stretches along the Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe past Lutherstadt Wittenberg via Dessau-Rosslau to beyond Magdeburg. Enjoy the unique countryside on either side of the Elbe on a boat trip or by bike on the Elbe Cycle Path. There’s also an extensive cycling network around Lutherstadt Wittenberg. And since the town is on the Euroroute R1 cycle path, you can even take your bike as far west as Boulogne or St Petersburg to the east! There’s also an idyllic cycle path from Berlin to Leipzig crossing Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

By road, rail or air

Visitors from all over the world can reach Lutherstadt Wittenberg via Berlin or Leipzig by using the rapid rail links from the cities’ airports and train stations. There are hourly connections to Lutherstadt Wittenberg from Berlin and Leipzig as well as Magdeburg, Halle and Dessau. The UNESCO sites in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Wörlitz and Dessau-Rosslau can also be reached on the no. 304 bus, known as the World Heritage Bus.

Drivers are served by several public car and coach parks. Lutherstadt Wittenberg can be reached by road via the A9 motorway (Nuremberg–Berlin) – simply exit at junction 8 (Coswig) and follow the B187 to Wittenberg.